Roger & Jane Bailey
Addicted to Self Build

Addicted to self build

Meet Roger and Jane Bailey. Roger is a professional photographer and Jane is a sales manager. Roger has built three Potton homes in the past 30 years – and enjoys the self build process more every time.

“My first Potton house was based on a Tudor-style design from Potton’s original Heritage range, which I built in 1984,” says Roger. “Ten years later, when I was married to Jane, we built another Potton house – another Tudor style design which was clad in brick.”

After spotting a plot for sale, with a dilapidated two-bedroom bungalow, the couple were tempted to build again. Once again they turned to Potton to design a timber framed home that would replace an existing property on the site. In return for Roger’s continued loyalty, Potton gifted the couple the plans for their new home.

The Baileys worked with Potton to create a home tailored to suit their lifestyle and plot. It’s three times larger than the original bungalow but just the right size for two people. “Our children have all grown up so we didn’t need much extra space,” says Jane.