The many benefits
of self build

Every year over 14,000 people choose to build their dream home.

Bespoke design

Create a home that is beautifully tailored to you and your family. A home that meets the needs of your lifestyle, not the needs of a developer. Build a home that looks the way you want it to whatever you dream of, be it contemporary open plan living, minimalist design, a country cottage or a traditional Georgian Rectory. Create a home without compromise; specify the design, structure and finishes of your home exactly the way you want them.


Building your own home will be hard work even if you employ others to do most or all of the physical labour – it will probably get stressful at certain points as well. However, one thing almost all our customers say is that they get an overwhelming sense of achievement once it’s all done. You get to create, your dream home, where you want it with the materials you want – what could be better.

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Sustainable living

If you want to, building your own home can bring its own very satisfying environmental benefits , as well as substantial energy cost savings.  We are experts in sustainable construction and can advise on all aspects including building fabric, renewable energy options, rainwater harvesting and the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH).

Location, location, location

Build your new home where you want it. Not where a developer has decided it will go. Create a design which responds sympathetically to your site and its surroundings.

Adding value

Save up to 30% on the cost of your finished home compared to buying one the same size from a developer.  And if you choose to self build two or three times you could be mortgage-free!

The Self Build Academy seminars and workshops are a must for anyone looking to self build. Take a look at the course listing here