How to Self Build

This informative 11-part series written by Build It in partnership with the Self Build Academy will guide you through every stage of the self build process. Check back each month for the next installment...

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Part 1 - Why Self Build?

If you want to own a unique and attractive property that suits your family’s needs and is worth more than you paid to construct it, then self building could be ideal for you... Find out why in Part 1

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Part 2 - How to get finance and set a budget

If you’ve made the decision to self build, you need to think about how you are going to finance your scheme. Here we discuss how to arrange a suitable mortgage and manage your budget.

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Part 3 - Finding the perfect plot

The first step towards creating your own home is to find land to develop. While this may not be a simple exercise, you’ll reap the benefits when you uncover a site with potential. Here we discuss the best ways to hunt down your ideal plot

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Part 4 - Key Structural Systems

Once you’ve found the right plot, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll create your perfect home upon it. The build method you choose will form the superstructure of your new house, and will also be your biggest single expense – so in many ways it is the most important decision you’ll make on your scheme. Each system has its pros and cons, so take some time to think about what you are trying to achieve.

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Part 5 - Designing your own home

The key to a successful project is your home’s appearance – both inside and out – as well as how it responds to your requirements and how it feels to live in. Here we discuss the essentials of designing your new self build.

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Part 6 - Sourcing & Buying Materials

Getting the right products for your build is key to a successful project. But what’s the best way to source them and who can you enlist to advise you? Read on for Build It’s essential advice

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Part 7 - Project Management

The key to a successful build is good organisation, determination and a head for figures. If you possess these skills, you may be in an ideal position to act as project manager – and if you don’t, you may be wise to leave it up to the professionals..

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Part 8 - Planning Permission

Often cited as the most difficult element of the self build process, gaining approval to start your project is an essential step. Here we look at the basics of planning applications and guide you through the various stages.

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Part 9 - Building Regulations

The construction of your self build needs to meet exacting quality standards set out by the government. But what are the guidelines and how do you get consent? In this article we look at how to make a Building Regulations application.

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Part 10 - Contracts & Insurance

If you are about to embark on a home building project, you need to have the right documentation in place to ensure that your scheme runs smoothly. Here we look at the essential elements that you must consider.

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Part 11 - Finishing Your Build

The hard work is all done, the home of your dreams is nearly complete and you’ll soon be enjoying the fruits of your labour. However, there are a few essential steps to take to reach completion...