Beginners Guide to Self Build

This informative 10-part series written by Build It in partnership with the Self Build Academy will guide you through every stage of the self build process. Check back each month for the next installment...

Part 1

Part 1 - 5 Steps to Self Build Success

If you want to create your ideal home – tailored to your family’s lifestyle – then self building is the way to go. Here are Build It’s five golden rules to follow to ensure you enjoy a successful project.

Part 2

Part 2 - Budgets and Finance

Self Building offers excellent value for money - but it's important to keep on top of your budget. Find out how you should split your funds and where you can look for suitable finance.

Beginners guide Part 3

Part 3 - Finding the Right Plot

The first step to realising your custom home project is tracking down a site to put it on. Build It’s editor Chris Bates explains how to give yourself the best possible chance of identifying a plot with genuine development potential

Part 4

Part 4 - Designing Your Dream Home

If you want a house that matches your style expectations and will fit your family’s lifestyle both now and in the future, then self building is the path for you. Discover how you can ensure your scheme’s design meets your needs

Part 5

Part 5 - Structural Timber Systems

Offering a wealth of design options, competitive prices and quick construction times, timber frame is rightly a self build favourite. Find out why you should consider this method for your project.

Part 6

Part 6 - Masonry Structural Systems

Masonry has played a major role in the UK’s built heritage over the centuries, with both brick and stone structures making significant contributions to vernacular architecture up and down the country.

Part 7

Part 7 - Heating Your Home

Creating a warm, cosy living environment that doesn’t cost the earth to heat is likely to be a top priority for your project. Chris Bates explains the basics of choosing a system.

Part 8

Part 8 - Project Management

There are a variety of routes to successfully organising a self build, but how do you choose which will best suit your scheme? Build It’s advice will help you decide whether to go it alone or leave it to the professionals

Part 9

Part 9 - Final Checks

Build It's Editor sets out the consents and certificates you need to get in place before you can start to enjoy your self build home, and reveals how you can ensure the finished house meets your expectations

Part 10

Part 10 - Top Tips for a Smooth Build

Build It reveal the tricks that will help you nip potential issues in the bud before they start to have a significant impact on your self build