It all starts with land

The first step is to find a plot of land...

If you are currently searching for a plot we recommend you take a look at our Custom Build sites, where we have plots available for Potton homes. Sites vary in size from 8 plots to over 30. Find out more about available plots by visiting the Potton website here


Where to begin...

At Potton we not only point you in the right direction but also work with you once you find your plot to ensure you get the maximum benefit in terms of footprint, orientation, best use of light, parking and access. Below we have outlines some top tips for finding a plot for your new Potton home.


Go online

Plot Finder
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Uk Land Directory

Land Roundel For Web David Snell's Top Tips

Self Build expert and author David Snell, gives his top tips on how to find a plot of land and how to do the all important maths associated with budgeting for a self build project.

Click here to watch the video

david snell

Knock on doors

where you see sites with overgrown gardens or run-down properties.

Go to land and property auctions

- they're often good places to find plots or derelict houses. Well known auction houses include and

Infil plots or disused land

may look narrow and uninviting but can often provide surprising opportunities for building your dream property in towns or cities.

Every site is unique and the designs can be tailored to make the home truly yours.

Speak to professionals

such as surveyors, architects and builders as they'll be in the know.

Visit estate agents & land agents

in your area and register your interest with them.


Custom Build by PottonLooking For Land Custom Build Plots For Sale

Looking to self build but struggling to find a plot? Custom build offers the chance to have a unique home, but through a more hands off approach than a traditional self build. Visit the Potton website here to find out more.